A pay-back period

Where the goods does not fit in size, style, dimensions, shape, color or configuration, you can return the product of proper quality within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase.

What Goods can be returned

You can return the Goods that has retained its consumer properties and presentation. There shall be no signs of use and wear on the Goods. However there are original and undamaged packaging (including undamaged manufacturing mica) and labels.

You can also return the Goods of inadequate quality, for more information about the return conditions here.

Refund methods

You may return the Goods within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase at the following address of OOO ZOLOTOYE RUNO: 127238, the city of Moscow, Dmitrov highway, house 79, building 1, floor 2.

How to fill out an application for a refund

To register a return, you need to fill out an application for a return. This can be done in two ways:
- If you have a personal account and the ability to print an application, we recommend electronic registration through your personal account. Step by step instructions here.
- If you do not have a personal account or the ability to print the application, you can fill out the return form enclosed in the order, or write a statement by hand. A sample of filling out an application manually.

Download Return application.

What do you need to attach to the return Goods?

Regardless of the chosen method of return, the goods must be accompanied by an application for return and a receipt *.

Terms of Payment of funds

We shall transfer the funds to you within 10 days from the moment we receive the returned goods to the warehouse. We shall inform you by SMS about the arrival of the goods at the warehouse and the transfer of funds to your address. For more detail, see in clause 7.3.5 of the Offer.

Why do I need a check to return?

You have the right to issue a return without a sales receipt. However, we reserve the right to request additional confirmation that the goods were purchased from OOO ZOLOTOYE RUNO on the website https://mpozr.ru/, as well as refuse to refund money if there is no confirmation.

Download the application for the return of goods.

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