Wholesale Customers


The factory invites wholesale buyers to cooperation and offers favorable terms of cooperation.

Choose and order original high-quality Russian-made products on our website. We will help you with the following:

  • to broaden the range of your store;
  • to offer the Goods at a discount price and give gifts to regular customers;
  • to increase the percentage of repeat purchases and attract new customers;
  • the convenient service for wholesale buyers - preorder. In the event of early payment - before the seasonal increase in raw material prices - you have the opportunity to significantly reduce the unit cost. Having paid the cost of the yarn, you will fix the summer price for your future order.


Look at our catalog, make your choice, place an order and send an application.
We will contact you within one working day and clarify all the details of your order.
A wholesale purchase is considered to be a purchase of 35,000 for the goods that cost up to 1,000 and from 50,000 for goods cost up more than 2,000 rubles per unit of goods. For bulk purchasing we provide a package of necessary documents for all products: declarations, certificates, test reports.

We will develop an original design of an ornament according to your sketch or idea for free with the provision of a sample if you order a bulk purchasing from 200,000 rubles.

We are open to interesting proposals and new forms of cooperation. Call us or write, and we will reach agreement.

Our phone is: +7 (495) 744-79-12, extension numbers 301, 303.

Email: info@mpozr.ru

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